Detailed Septic Home Inspection in Calgary

Septic systems are inexpensive, reliable, and highly durable solutions to ensure effective wastewater disposal. If you want your septic tank to function with the same efficiency for a long time, you need to ensure it gets cleaned, maintained, and repaired at frequent intervals. To ensure all of it happens, Bow Valley Septic Ltd. provides pre-purchase home inspection of septic tanks. This inspection will tell you how well the septic tank is working if the field is accepting wastewater, if you have a pump-out system to the field or if it is a syphon system to your field. It also lets you know the size of the tank if there is any deterioration on the walls, divider wall & collar, or if you need a new septic tank. The field is visibly inspected, and we even check the water absorption on your field. You will receive a well-structured and comprehensive report covering your septic tank and leaching field.

When purchasing a property in the countryside, it’s always wise to seek a professional’s help to inspect the septic tank with care. We would inform you about the condition and specifications of the septic tank of the property you’re planning to buy to keep you on a safer side. Call us to book a pre-purchase septic tank Inspection today.

Inspecting tanks for leaks
Inspecting electrical wires near the tanks

We Assure Quality

Get a pre-purchase inspection through our inspection team, for a detailed insight on your septic system’s condition today.