Periodic Holding Tank Cleaning in Calgary

Holding tanks are used to temporarily store wastewater and solid sewage waste. They are common in businesses in Calgary and in acreages, barns and shops. Once a holding tank is filled, you must get it emptied by a vacuum truck to haul the waste to a proper waste disposal site. Holding tanks do not have a leaching drain field like septic tanks to dispose of wastewater.

Bow Valley Septic Ltd. is the right place to contact for periodic holding tank cleaning and maintenance services in Calgary and all nearby areas. Generally, we empty the holding tanks once a month, but some tanks need more frequent pumping due to their small size and heavy usage in the summer season. Get in touch with us to discuss your pumping needs, and our executives will guide you through the most optimal septic solutions.

Need Pump Replacement?

If your septic pump is damaged and causing the drainage system to fail, our team can replace it with a new one.