Count on Us for Flood Cleanup

A flood can leave long-lasting traces and adversely affect the region. What makes the situation even more catastrophic is the health hazards that soon follow due to severe sewage backups. Bow Valley Septic Ltd. has been an active provider of flood cleanup services in Calgary and surrounding regions. In our 27 years of experience, we’ve dealt with all sorts of water damages, including full-scale calamities. For instance, in 2005, our vacuum trucks helped countless people and proved extremely useful in post-flood cleaning during the devastating flood in southern Alberta.

If you’re a resident of a region prone to flooding, it’s best to address flood damage as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can lead to long-term problems. Our team is well-trained for such scenarios and is equipped with powerful septic vacuum trucks to do the job quickly and effectively. Talk to us right away to ensure proper flood cleanup in your area.

Avoid Long-term Flood Issues

A flood disrupts a whole region and leaves long-term sewage problems. We can clean up the flood water before it causes health problems.