Professional Septic Tank Services for Residences in Calgary

Bow Valley Septic Ltd. has been in the business of providing septic tank services in Calgary since 1994. We thoroughly understand septic systems and have dealt with almost all possible issues that a residential septic tank may cause.

A lot of factors contribute to deciding when you should consider emptying and cleaning your septic tank, including the number of residents utilizing it and the size of the tank. Frequent maintenance over time is all it takes to keep the efficiency of your septic tank intact. Solids building up in your tank often flow over into the liquid side and end up plugging the tank or damaging the septic pump, which results in ruining your septic field. Our team is trained for all sorts of septic hazards and holds the necessary experience to provide you with valid insights and suggestions on how to avoid possible septic issues. We also serve as a flood cleanup and potable water hauling facility in Calgary. Give us a ring to consult with our executives today.

Septic Pump Replacements

Our team will thoroughly inspect your septic tank before making any major alterations, and notify you if your tank’s backup is caused by some other reason instead of the septic pump. Once the cause is identified, we will discuss the most optimal ways to approach and solve the problem.

However, if the fault lies with the septic pump itself, making it malfunction due to damage, we suggest you get it replaced. First, our professionals would empty your septic tank efficiently, and then we will replace your faulty septic pump.

Our Specialities

We specialize in a wide array of septic services and cater to various needs of homeowners. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all our expertise below. Take a look and let us know if you need help with any of these.

Something for All Your Septic Needs

We have a diverse range of residential septic cleaning and maintenance services to offer you at competitive prices.