Mechanical Shop Sumps

Regular Industrial Sump Cleaning and Maintenance

Industries and businesses have industrial waste, dirt, cuttings and debris. To prevent backups and clogging of drain lines, it is important that you ensure proper cleaning and maintenance of your sumps and catch basins. All it takes to keep the shop sumps in good shape is regular and preventative maintenance. Bow Valley Septic Ltd. is the go-to company for industrial sump cleaning in Calgary.

We have high-quality equipment, vacuum trucks, and expertise to deliver quality service consistently. Our professionals are well-trained and can efficiently remove wastewater, dirt, and debris from the sumps. Our process is environment-friendly, and we dispose of the collected industrial waste to the city of Calgary Shepard landfill only. Feel free to reach out to us for all your sump and sewage-related queries or consult us about septic waste disposal.

Large-scale Sump Cleaning

We can clean and maintain large volumes of septic waste from your mechanical shop sumps with our high-capacity vacuum trucks.