Industrial Waste

Industrial Waste Management

As an industrial waste service provider, Bow Valley Septic Ltd. caters to the septic needs of all sorts of major and minor organizations in Calgary and surrounding regions. Industrial sumps require routine cleaning and maintenance to function well due to their usage. Our well-experienced and dedicated staff will make sure that your draining system is up and running all the time and the waste is managed appropriately. As a service provider, we’re not just limited to maintaining septic tanks but also empty and clean holding tanks, lift stations, shop sumps, catch basins, and other draining systems. Bow Valley Septic Ltd. has the equipment, trucks, and expertise to remove stagnant water, dirt, and debris from sumps in business or car washes.

We abide by all laws and regulations concerning industrial waste cleaning. All our vacuum trucks carry commercial vehicle inspection certificates, and waste will be hauled off the proper disposal site at the City of Calgary Shepard Landfill. If you have any questions regarding how we manage industrial waste or want to discuss your industrial septic needs, feel free to call us, and one of our professionals will attend you.

Environmental Disposal

Bow Valley Septic Ltd. only disposes of the collected industrial waste at proper dumping sites to ensure minimum harm to our environment.